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Bed & Breakfast in Chartres

The timber house

Our timber house

In August 2009 Michel and I set off along the trail to Mont Saint Michel. We had 8 days holiday in front of us and we left the house with our rucksacks and our IGN maps. Our energy had been somewhat depleted by too many hospital visits; we had to move forward and rebuild our lives. The time had come to reassess, reflect, make plans for the future, and give ourselves the luxury of a few dreams.

Le Coudray, Fontenay-sur Eure, Illiers-Coudray, Thiron-Gardais, Marrolles-les Buis, Nogent-le-Rotrou, Alençon: nearly 250 kilometres of footpaths across the Beauce, the hills of the Perche and the forest of Bellême. We met very few other people, but we were together. Our timber house was born from silence, the warmth and sunlight of August, magnificent landscapes, and it must be said, physical pain.

As the kilometres passed we talked about it, described and designed it, chose its shape and what it would be built from, and when our holiday was over we returned home with aching feet and muscles, and started our project.

On the 14th July 2010, our first guests arrived to stay in Chocolatine and Pommes d’épices.

Here are the photos.




Last edited: 03/04/2020